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Join the new Space Race in a space themed game with innovative orbital movement mechanics for 1-5 players.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Rulebook edition 3 - the last one
5 months ago – Fri, May 21, 2021 at 01:14:12 AM

Hello all! Sorry for huge delay with this update. During last three weeks I got infected by Covid-19, but obviously this was not the only reason of missing information.


In edition no. 3 you have additional 4 pages, with the quickstart game overview. I believe this will make it easier for new players (or for those of you who haven't played yet) to understand the rules. You can download latest version from our dropbox. On the title page you can find information about the edition number.

Rulebook edition 3 - link to dropbox

It is the last version, which means that at this moment we finish the rulebook updates.

#2 Rulebook delivery

Here situation is little bit more complicated and mainly this was the reason of delayed update. In short, new problems arose.

1 - New rulebook size. We send several rulebooks in 210x210 format but the feedback wasn't good. Font size and pictures were too small for majority of users. Unfortunately for low print runs, local printhouses are not able to print the rulebook in 280x280 size. Generaly they are using A3 format (297×420) for this kind of printing. The maximum size for one page is A4 (297x210), when we fold the A3 sheet. To achive our square ratio printhouse must cut the bigger side from 297 to 210. The only solution for this problem is to order high print run from large-format printing house (preferably from the game manufacturer) and here next problem occurs.

*Update: It seems that I have found the smaller local printhouse which can make a "normal" size rulebook. I will keep you informed about details.

2 - Budget. Unfortunately, we exceeded the budget for this project by over 20%. There were many reasons like: campaign re-launch, Covid situation which significantly increased the cost of transportation for both freight and delivery (we didn't increase the cost of shipping and took all additional costs to keep what we have promissed during campaign), wrong decisions during game development and quality check, especially for the rulebook. Unfortunately at this moment we can't afford for just order the high volume of print run and deliver it for free. Anyway, I don't want to give up and at this moment I came out with following solutions.

A - We will add an option for you to order rulebook edition 3 in 210x210 format. It will be free of charge, but if you consider to support us, I would be glad if you could use tip option. This option will be open till the end of month. 31th of May.

Link to the Rulebook

B - We have still some copies of Exploration in our inventory. We will try to sell them and if possible I would like to spend the profit on rulebook printing and delivery. Please wait for the outcome, we should know more till the end of June.

C - Soon we will run the second campaign with the new game Exploration:Warzone. It is a spin-off, much smaller and simplier game. Some of you already played this game on BGA, but after collecting feedback, we made a lot of improvements to the gameplay. You can read more about upcoming game on WIP post on BGG. When you can see that you like the new game and it is perfect for you, you will get the rulebook v3 with your copy of Exploration: Warzone

#3 Game content

If you want to see some new gameplay movies, please visit BGG page. Soon more content will be uploaded.

Kind Regards

Damian Korus

Rulebook 2.2
9 months ago – Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 07:30:15 PM

Hello all! I would like to start with late New Year's wishes. Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year 2021. 

#1 Fulfilment

I took me some time to gather all information about delivery (not only shipping) status. Finally I have it. In this update I will share with you the numbers and general problems. We already informed all backers who have a problems with delivery. Anyway if any of you still didn't receive the game and you didn't receive any message from us, please write to us.

US - 570/571 (1 missed during delivery) = 99%

Canada - 67/68 (1 missed during delivery) = 98,5%

EU - 434/464 (8 returns) (22 in customs clearance) = 93,5%

Rest of World - 71/77 (5 for South america is not confirmed, please let us know about delivery) (1 is missing in Australia) = 92,2% 

Digital .stl - 89/89 = 100%

#2 Rulebook

We start cooperation with BG lingua. It is a company that specializes in translating board game rulebooks and they will definitely improve the quality of our rulebook, especially in other (than English) languages. They already started with revision of EN rulebook. They also declared to send us other language versions in the middle of February. Then I would like to ask you for social proof to approve the final versions.  

Rulebook v2.2

We have prepared the English rulebook in version 2.2. You can find it on our dropbox. To avoid confusion, we will remove all versions of the rulebook from BGG. 

Please find below the list of changes in version 2.2

The changes are written in orange

- Added missing marking for Jupiter bard set up - page 5

- If there are no spaceship cards matching your tech level, for 1 credit you can draw another card - page 7

- Trap module cost is equal to trap level - page 8

- Every turret increase the cost of ranged attack by 1 - pages 8 and 10

- Error fix in the example as the move from 4 to 5 doesn't have a connecting line - page 9

- Added information about deploying the trap module (it is same as GNSS) - page 10

- No frag gain for destroying GNSS - page 10

- Added information - after Strike opponent's spaceship has same orbit direction as your spaceship (change if necessary) - page 10

- Added information - during Outer space exploration, your spaceship can go only forward - page 11

- Cape Canaveral start bonus - If level 1 card is not available in the row, draw it from the deck - page 11

I cleared the evaluation form for the new rule book. Please find it here.

That's all for today. In the next update, I will publish the rulebooks in other language versions. Thanks a lot for all kinds of feedback!

Kind Regards

Damian Korus

Merry Christmas!
10 months ago – Thu, Dec 24, 2020 at 05:46:46 PM

Hello all! Today, on behalf of myself and the Ply team, I wish you a Merry Christmas. May Christmas bring joy to your heart and happiness to your home.  

#1 Fulfilment

I would like to apologise everyone who didn't receive the game yet. Referring to the information from the previous update, we sent last packages on 20.11.2020. Unfortunately, we encountered a lot of delivery issues. 

  • Prolonged customs clearance to countries outside the EU. 
  • Returns caused by entering an incorrect delivery address by our partner.
  • Not working tracking numbers notification system.

All the above problems are due to our management. There are many activities that require improvement and which will certainly be improved in the future. 

 #2 Rulebook

The 2.1 Rulebook content is already final. Like I wrote in the comments section:

1) Ceres was added

2) Types of orbits explained

3) Orbit direction on crossroads explained

4) Simplification of conflict rule. Conflict was change to Strike, rules are same, only the naming has changed

5) Information about Comet was added

6) In dropbox folder you can also find the icons description pages in French


After we finalize the English version, we will start correcting the remaining language versions. I will write more about overdue works and plans for next year in the New Year's update. 

Kind Regards

Damian Korus

Rulebook 2.0
11 months ago – Tue, Dec 01, 2020 at 12:06:59 AM

Hello all! Today I would like to write mainly about the rulebook, but at first please let me summarize the fulfilment status.

#1 Fulfilment status

According to the information received from the fulfilment partners, all packages have already been shipped. If you haven't received the game yet, please contact us.

The exception is South America - VFI had some problems with shipping to South America, but I was informed that they sent games on 12.11. I apologise for the longest delay.

#2 Rulebook 2.0

You can find the latest (but not last) version of the rulebook on BGG. It has more rules clarification and icons explanation. It is not the final version, but it makes the game playable.

#3 Final rulebook version

At first we must have a final rulebook. On BGG, we receive great feedback from you about the missing rules and thank you very much for that. Now we are working on the next rulebook update and will continue until you approve it. Here comes another question. How you can approve the rulebook? My proposal is to use a google forms, with three questions about the rulebook quality. 

1) Proofreading quality

2) Rule content quality

3) Overall

For each question I would like to use a linear scale from 1 to 5. If the rulebook has a mean score of 4.0 or higher for each of the questions, we may consider that version final. You can find the form here.

Please let me know what do you think about it. If you have another suggestion, please share it.

#4 Final rulebook shipping

It will be very tough, but possible and I want to deliver the final rulebook to all of you. I have three options, but I don't want to write about them right now as we don't have the final rulebook yet. For now the most important informations are:

1) You will receive the final rulebook

2) It will be smaller size 210 x 210 mm instead of 280 x 280 mm. It is a common problem for local print houses. The maximum dimensions for brochure printing is 210 x 297 mm (A4 size).

3) It will be sent by mail envelope

Finally, I apologize for any delays in responding to comments and messages. I am also trying to improve it. We will continue to work on the rulebooks. 

Kind Regards

Damian Korus

Update #25
12 months ago – Mon, Nov 09, 2020 at 08:55:08 AM

Hello all! I didn't find out where the delivery problems were, but finally our fulfillment partners declared shipping dates. We have no other choice, we must trust them and wait for the shipments...


#1 US & Canada 

For this region our fulfilment partner is D6 publisher resources Inc.

US - According to their tracking informations all shipments to US was delivered. This week you should get notification from pledge manager.  

Canada - the games were delivered to US warehouse, then went to the warehouse in Canada and then will be delivered to you. After customs clearance games land at the warehouse on 4.11.2020. Last thigs before fulfilling is counting, inspection and receiving. They should send games in the next week. 

#2 Europe

For this region our fulfilment partner is Flexible Logistics Services Sp.z o.o.

From this company I didn't receive detailed information. I received only declaration that we will be able to start fulfillment from monday 09.11.2020. The only thing I can do is to continue to follow up them every day.

#2 Rest of World

For this region our fulfilment partner is VFI Asia.

Most of the shipments have already been delivered. This week you should get notification from pledge manager. Anyway, there are still countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Reunion, Russia, to which games have not yet been delivered.


On BGG you can find Rulebook 2.0. It contains the ruless described in more detail, with more examples of how to do.


The Kickstarter campaign is a magical time both for the creator (his dream comes true) and for the backers who become the co-creators of the project. These are very emotional moments and from experience I can say that this emotional approach distinguishes the first creators from the regulars of Kickstarter. Under the pressure of the backers (usually single votes), I agreed to prepare printed versions of other language rulebooks, many new rules for Stretch Goals like traps, laser turrets, formations, etc. All of this has been done especially for you and for the game. However, it ultimately had a devastating effect on the project that we are feeling now.

All-in gameplay vs Core box

I love this game! It takes up a large part of my life. I agreed to a lot of SG's stuff, multi-lingual rulebooks etc. under the influence of euphoria that you appreciated my game by supporting the campaign. Finally, the Exploration took a lot further than originally planned. As a result, up to 12 different SKUs would have to be prepared. And this could be done, but with such a small number of orders, for some SKUs there would be only a few orders. PGM couldn't do it. It had to be done with another company, but the quality of the components would certainly suffer. It would also cost a lot more and there was a risk that the games would never be delivered. I chose the safe option. High quality, easier production and logistics, lower cost. As a result of the decisions made, most people got (or will get) the version they paid for. I declare that the MSRP does not change and will be still $99.


The decisions made during the campaign meant that we had 6 times less time to prepare the rulebook, moreover, there were new rules that we did not manage to test in the form of blind tests. The second problem is the removal of text descriptions on the cards and the introduction of iconography. It turns out to be a great move for players who know the game. However, this usually creates an insurmountable problem for new players. Rulebook 2.0 fixes most problems. I am currently checking the possible printing and shipping costs for a new manual.

Finally, I believe that despite the wave of criticism, we are able to solve all problems and spend many exciting evenings with Exploration full of epic emotions and twists.

Kind Regards

Damian Korus